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Descendants of Isaac Barton
and Sarah Vesey

For the purpose of this webpage, I am going to concentrate on my direct line, however, I do have more information on the collateral lines, and would be happy to correspond with other Barton descendants. I can also do look-ups from the compiled genealogy published by the Barton Family Association in 1988, which includes many records and family sheets, as well as the writings of Ashby Trice Gibbons.

From the records of the Tipperary Meeting of the Society of Friends:
Isaac Barton of Killaloe, son of Christopher and Dorothy Barton of Killaloe, married Sarah Vesey, daughter of Tobias and Anne Vesey of Limerick, 6th day of 10th month 1705.

1. Isaac Barton1 I , born abt. 1680 in Killahoe, County Clare,Ireland; deceased May 1721 in Chester,PA, son of Christopher and Dorothy ____ Barton.
He married Sarah VESEY , born abt. 1685 in Limerick, Ireland,;died after 1726,in probably Frederick Co MD, daughter of Tobias and Anne ____ Vesey .

Notes for Sarah Vesey:
After Isaac died, she remarried within a year to Robert JONES.
From the Quaker records, 1 month 26, 1722:
"Chester Mtg complains of Sarah Barton for marrying one not of our society. Grace Loyd and Lidia Vernon to speak to her."

They lived in Marlboro Twshp, Chester Co PA until at least 1726, then removed to Frederick Co MD. Robert Jones found in MD on the 1733 list of taxables for the Monocosie Hundred.

Children of Isaac Barton1 I and Sarah Vesey were as follows:

2 Joshua2

Generation 2

2. Joshua Barton2 I ,(Isaac Barton1), born 19 Aug 1718 in Chester,PA; deceased before 1779 in Ky. He married (1) abt. 1742 in Frederick, MD. Jane DUBART , born 9 Apr 1725 in Frederick, MD.; deceased 1760 in Rowan,NC., daughter of David Dubart, and step-daughter of William BEATTIS or BETTYS. He married (2)abt. 1762 in VA.,Susannah/Susan DODD .

Notes for Joshua Barton I:
Joshua and his first wife ,Jane Dubart, had seven children. She died in NC in 1760, and he moved to VA and married a widow named Susan Dodd and had six more children. The family migrated to the Watauga Settlement in what is now Tennessee but at that time was part of Rowan Co NC, before April of 1774. Joshua was killed by Indians while on a surveying expedition in Kentucky for the Settlement before 1779.

Children of Joshua Barton2 I and Jane Dubart were as follows:

Abraham or Jacob, born 1743; died young
David3, born 15 Mar 1744
3 Rev. Isaac3, born 16 Aug 1746
Sarah3, born 08 May 1748
Elizabeth3, born 20 Nov 1751
Mary3,born 10 May 1755
Joshua3, born 31 Nov 1757

Note: the first child, who died young, named as Jacob in the writings of the Rev. Isaac Barton, is listed in the 1988 Barton book as Abraham. Neither name is mentioned in the Bible of Joshua Barton.

Children of Joshua Sr Barton2 and Susan Dodd were as follows:

Jane3, born 09 Feb 1763
Dinah3, born 02 Mar 1765
Joab3, born 11 Sept 1767
Abner3, born 28 Aug 1769
Jacob3, born abt 1771
Abraham3, born abt 1772, died young.

Generation 3

3. Rev. Isaac3 BARTON (Joshua Barton2 I, Isaac Barton1), born 16 Aug 1746 in Frederick, MD.; deceased 10 Nov 1831 in Grainger Co. TN. He married on 9 Oct 1772 in Franklin Co. VA, Keziah MURPHY , born 7 Aug 1754 in Franklin Co.VA; deceased 29 July 1845 in Grainger Co TN, daughter of Rev. William and Martha (Hodges) Murphy.

Notes for Rev. Isaac Barton:

One of Isaac's sons was David Barton,the first congressman from the state of Missouri, serving from 1821-1831. Another son, Joshua, was District Attorney for Johnson Co.,MO. He was killed in a duel in St. Louis.
Isaac was a Baptist preacher,in western NC before that area became part of TN. Ironically, Rev Isaac, who was King Reed's ggg-grandfather, performed the marriage ceremony for John Webb and Elizabeth McMurtry, the ggg-grandparents of King's wife, Laura Cox.

Abstract of the Will of Isaac Barton:
Jefferson Co TN, dated April 2, 1831:
To wife Keziah, house, plantation and tract of land where son William now resides during her life, and all personal property, money and debts due.
After wife's death, tract of land mentioned aforedsaid divided between sons David and Isaac and their heirs.
Son William land,money and other property heretofore given.
Exec: wife Keziah and son-in-law James Hodges.
Wits: Isaac Carmichael, William Maskall, Pleasant Carmicheal.
Proved December session 1831.

The Barton Family
( Written by the Rev. Isaac Barton ):

"I was born in Maryland near Fredericeston in 1746, August 16. My father was the son of a widow who came to maryland from one of the Eastern states. She had five sons; Abraham,
Isaac, Joshua (my father), and Benjamin, and one daughter Elizabeth. My mother's name was Jane Dubart, stepdaughter of William Beatis from Holland.
They had seven children: Jacob (who die young), David, Isaac, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary and Joshua. My father moved from Maryland to North Carolina sometime about 1753 or 1754 and settled on Swariny Creek, a branch of the Yadkin River, and remained there until the death of my mother. He then moved to Virginia and settled on Pig River in what is now called Franklin County. There I married Keziah Murphy, daughter of Rev. Murphy, Oct. 9, 1772. We had twelve children : Martha who married Charley Jarnigan, Jane who married her cousin Isaac Barton, Elizabeth who married James Carmichael. David and Isaac, who died when young. William and Sarah (twins); William married Hannah Oliphant and Sarah married William Reynolds. Mary married James Hodges and died in the 26th year of her age. Hannah married Robert McFarland and died in the 25th year of her age.
I joined the Baptist Church, and soon after, they called me to preach the Gospel. The which I undertook with fear and trembling under a sense of my unqualification in every sense of the word. Often fearing that I obeyed the voice of men and not of God. But I was ordained to the ministry by Samuel Harris and William Johnson, and took care of Blackwater and Pig River Churches in Virginia and came to what is now called Tennessee State, and not long after, the care of a church near Greenville, Tennessee. There we enjoyed a great degree of love and fellowshio until the prospect of new countries made the greater part of them break up and move. I also moved to the head of bent Creek in the folds of Rev. Fidance Lain's Church where I remained 31 years, during which time in generally we lived with mutual love and friendship until a little before his death ( which I think was about 1800) when his mind by some means got dissatified with my sentiment on the atonement (though we preached together for many years.)
About that time there was a new constituted church taken off Brent Creek called Bethel, south of Holston, of which I took pastoral charge and am yet with them as such. We have lived in general, in harmony and love, and gradually increased until our number enabled us to dismiss members for three other churches. Viz: The head Richmond, Friendship, and Blackwater Branch, and our present number is somewhere between 70 and 100 members.
I am now (Feb 7, 1827) 80 years, six months,lacking 8 days old. My wife is 72 years, six months and one day old. We have lived together 54 years, four months and 29 days."

Copy of the original Barton Family 7-25-43 by Ethel M. Barton:
"This sketch of Isaac Barton's life is a true copy (except some omitted that is recorded elsewhere) of his writing, written in his 81st year."

Note: though he says he and Keziah had 12 children, he only mentions 9 of them by name and only 11 are found in the family Bible records. Similarly, he says that Sarah Vesey Barton had 5 sons, yet records show there actually 6.

Children of Rev. Isaac3 Barton and Keziah Murphy were as follows:

Martha4, born 16 Feb 1774 Pittsylvania Co VA; d. 05 Aug 1843 Jefferson Co TN. She married Chesley JARNIGAN.

Jane4, born 17 Nov 1775 Pittsylvania Co VA; died 20 Oct 1856 Jefferson Co TN. She married Isaac BARTON, son of David Barton & Hannah HILL.

Elizabeth4, born 11 Sept 1779 Henry Co VA; died 15 Mar 1869 Johnson Co MO. She married James CARMICHEAL.

Mary4, born 20 Nov 1781 Greene Co TN; died 01 June 1852 Grainger Co TN. She married James HODGES.

David4, born 14 Dec 1783;died 28 Sept 1837 Cooper Co MO. Served as Senator from Missouri 1821-1831.

Isaac4,born 12 Dec 1785 Greene Co TN;died 25 Oct 1787 Greene Co TN.

Sarah4,born 09 Mar 1788 Jefferson Co TN; died 1822 IN. Twin of William Barton. She married William REYNOLDS.

4  William4
John4, born 21 May 1790 Jefferson Co TN; died 15 Feb 1815 Grainger Co TN.

Joshua4, born 29 July 1792 Jefferson Co TN; died 28 June 1823 MO. Killed in a duel.

Hannah4, born 06 Oct 1795 Hawkins Co TN; died 01 Oct 1819 Jefferson Co TN. She married Robert McFARLAND Jr.

Isaac II4,born 19 Aug 1798 Hawkins Co TN; died 25 Mar 1842 Grainger Co TN.  

Generation 4

4. William4 BARTON (Rev. Isaac3, Joshua Barton2 I, Isaac Barton1), born 9 Mar 1788 in Jefferson Co. TN.; deceased 31 Dec 1840 in Johnson Co. MO.. He married on 10 Dec 1812 in TN., Hannah OLIPHANT , born 27 Jan 1787 in Greene Co.TN.; deceased after 1880 in Burnet Co. TX, daughter of John A. and Hannah (Amos) Oliphant.

Children of William4 Barton and Hannah Oliphant were as follows:
5 Polly Ann5
Thomas5 , born 15 Feb 1816 in Jefferson Co. TN.
6 Elizabeth5
John5 , born 21 Feb 1821 in Jefferson Co. TN. He married Mary MCFARLAND,dau of Samuel.
7 Sarah Runnels5

Generation 5

5. Polly Ann5 BARTON (William4, Rev. Isaac3, Joshua Barton2 I, Isaac Barton1), born 25 Dec 1813 in Jefferson Co. TN.; deceased 1841 in Johnson Co. MO. She married George MCFARLAND , born 07 Oct 1811 in Jefferson Co. TN;died 30 Nov 1884 in Jefferson Co TN, son of John and Virginia (McNutt) McFarland. After Polly Ann died, George returned to TN, taking their two oldest children with him and leaving the baby, William, with Hannah Oliphant Barton. George remarried in TN to Rebecca McQUISTON.

Children of Polly Ann5 Barton and George McFarland were as follows:
John Tate6, born 1836 in Jefferson Co. TN;d. 1900 in Williamson Co TX. He married in TN, Martha Jane WHITE.
Harriet6 , born 1838 in Jefferson Co. TN.; She married in TN Dennis THOMAS, and they migrated to Decatur, GA.

William Thomas Barton6 , born Dec 1840 in Johnson Co. MO; d. 1863 at Camp LaVercia, TX of yellow fever during the Civil War. William was raised in Burnet Co. by his grandmother, Hannah Oliphant Barton. He did not marry.

6. Elizabeth5 BARTON (William4, Rev. Isaac3, Joshua Barton2 I, Isaac Barton1), born 15 Feb 1819 in Jefferson Co. TN.; deceased 11 Jan 1902 in Burnet Co. TX. She married on 19 Aug 1841 in Johnson Co. MO, John Lewis KING , born 8 May 1807 in Greene Co.TN.; deceased 11 Feb 1880 in Burnet Co. TX, son of Peter and Susannah (Lewis) King.

7. Sarah Runnels5 BARTON (William4, Rev. Isaac3, Joshua Barton2 I, Isaac Barton1), born 28 Mar 1824 in Jefferson Co.TN; deceased 21 Mar 1905 in Burnet Co. TX. She married on 3 Feb 1841 in Johnson Co. MO, James T. CHAMBERLAIN.

Note: Sarah and her husband James T. Chamberlain migrated to TX from MO with John Lewis and Elizabeth Barton King.

Children of Sarah Runnels5 Barton
and James T. Chamberlain were as follows:

Thomas Andrew6 born September 06, 1849 in Johnson Co, Missouri; died June 11, 1926 in Brooks Co, Texas. He married Mariah Louise Bumgardner March 22, 1871 in Burnet Co, Texas, daughter of William and Jane (Oliphant)Bumgardner.

William Jeremiah6
John Tate6
Lawson Watkins6
Daniel Ninian6
Josephine Catherine6
Louis Sumpter6
Burkett Barton6

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