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Descendants of Peter King
and Susannah Lewis

Research continues to find the parents of both Peter King and Susannah Lewis. So far every lead has turned into a brick wall. If anyone has information that may help, please contact me.

1. Peter1 KING, born abt. 1781 in Greene Co. TN; deceased 01 Aug 1821 in Jefferson Co. TN. He married on 13 Aug 1805 in Greene Co.TN., Susannah LEWIS, born abt. 1789 in VA.; deceased aft. 1860 in Johnson Co. MO.

Notes for Peter King:
Information on birth date/place from LDS. Greene Co. TN was actually still part of NC at that time.

From the book "Tennessee Land Grants" 1998 Byron Sistler and Associates, Inc. :

KING, Peter (JE) 1814, 87.5 a. E dist, bk3, pg 713 g #3207 (land grant in Jefferson County in 1814 for 87.5 acres in East Tennessee District Book 3, page 173, grant #3207)

Personal Property statement, from Jefferson Co. Wills and Settlements, book 2 pg. 318, dated Sept 6 1821, signed by Susannah King, William McFarland, William McClannahan, and Charles T. Porter.
Estate was settled in 1826 at the home of James Carmichael and his wife Elizabeth Barton, sister of William Barton.

Peter had an older sister named Fanny who married William BRITTAIN in 1793 Jefferson Co TN. Her son Robert had a pocketbook which is in the possession of one of his descendants. The first page says "Robert Brittain, his Pocket Book made by himself, July 23 in the year of our Lord 1838".
On the page for deaths it says "Peter King, my uncle, departed this life August 1st in the year 1821."
Another entry is: "Saved to the memory of Fanny Brittain, my mother, who died the 10th of December in the year of our Lord 1811."
Information from Phyllis Bittner.

Notes for Susannah Lewis:
Information found on birthdate/place on LDS shows Susannah born 1785 in Greene Co. TN, but that is inaccurate. She is listed as born VA on both the 1850 and 1860 Census for Johnson Co. MO. She is found on most records as Susannah, yet was called Susan in the wills of her sons.
Susannah is listed as Head of Household on the 1822 Tax List for Jefferson Co. TN.
Summary of Census information for Susannah King on 1830 Jefferson Co. TN Federal Census.
Head of Household - KING, Susannah
Breakdown of household members :
1 male 5-10 yrs
2 males 10- 15 yrs
2 males 15-20 yrs
1 male 20-30 yrs
1 female 15-20 yrs
1 female 40-50
2 male slaves under 10 yrs
3 female slaves under 10 yrs
1 female slave 24-36 yrs
Total 14 persons.

One son is missing from the household on this census, (maybe John was already out of the house ? ) The 1 female aged 15-20 is still unaccounted for and a sister is not mentioned in the wills of any of the King brothers. She could have married and remained in Tennessee,
or perhaps she died before the family migrated to MO.

Both Rob. L. King and Susannah King are listed on
the Head of Household index for 1840 Johnson Co.
census, Susannah on pg 013, and Robert on pg 011.

1850 Census Johnson Co MO, pg 045a:
556/550 Susannah King, 61, F, b. Virginia
William, 35, M, b. TN
James, 28, M, b. TN

Also found as Susan, age 71, in the household of her son Russell King in 1860.
See below.

Children of Peter1 King and Susannah Lewis were as follows:

2 John Lewis2
3 Robert Lewis2

Russell Lewis2 , born 11 Dec 1811 in Jefferson Co. TN; deceased aft. 1870 in Johnson Co. MO. He married (1) in Apr 1830 in Jefferson Co. TN Louisa A. SCOTT. He married (2) on 2 Aug 1866 in Johnson Co. MO, Jane L. WALTON.

1850 census Johnson Co MO, pg 045a and 1860 Census Johnson Co. MO pg 973. Russell had no children. The children listed in his household in 1860 were the children of his brother, Robert Lewis King, who died 1854.

Census info 1850 Johnson Co MO, pg 045a Post Oak Twshp:
557/561 Russell L. King, 29 ( this is an error, he was 39), Farmer, b. TN
Louisa A., 36, b.TN
Isaac B. Mc___? , Physician, b. MO
Catherine I. F, b. TN

Census image faded and blurry, unable to make out the last name of Isaac B., but only 4
letters long.

Census info 1860 Johnson Co MO Warrensburg Twshp:
35 1617 1737 King Russell L. 49 M Farmer 4,000 3,500 Tenn
36 1617 1737 King Susan 71 F 1,600 VA
37 1617 1737 King Martha E. 13 F Mo
38 1617 1737 King Frances 12 F Mo

4 Ambrose Lewis2

Humphrey Lewis 2 , born 1810-1821
Jefferson Co TN, deceased before 09 Nov 1848. Died
intestate in Johnson Co MO, original administrator of
estate was William L. King, admistrator of the final
estate settlement was Russell L. King; heirs were mother
Susan King and all his brothers, except William, who
predeceased the estate settlement dated Dec 20 1850.
Johnson Co Mo Wills & Administrations 1835-1855,
pages 154 & 184.

William Lewis2 ,born abt 1815
Jefferson Co TN, deceased between 10 Apr 1850 22
Jan 1851 Johnson Co MO. Administrator of his will
was brother James L. King, Sec. were Robert L. and
Ambrose L. King, beneficiaries were the heirs of James
L. King. Johnson Co Mo Wills & Administrations, pg 188.

1850 Census Johnson Co Mo pg 045a in the household
of Susannah King, listed as 35 yrs old.

James Lewis2 ,born b abt 1821/22
Jefferson Co TN, deceased before 26 May 1855. Died
intestate; administrator of estate was Russell L. King;
heirs were mother Susan King, brothers Russell,
Ambrose and John in Texas, and the children of his
brother Robert : i.e. Elizabeth, Unity, William W.,
Louisa, Martha E., Francis, Susan A., & Edmund P.

1850 census Johnson Co MO pg 045a in the household
of Susannah King, listed as 28 yrs old. Possibly born
after Peter King died.

Thanks to Joann Wade, descendant of Robert Lewis King,
for the above information regarding the wills/estate

Generation 2

2. John Lewis2 KING (Peter1), born 8 May 1807 in Greene Co.TN.; deceased 11 Feb 1880 in Burnet Co. TX. He married on 19 Aug 1841 in Johnson Co. MO, Elizabeth "Betsy" BARTON, born 15 Feb 1819 in Jefferson Co. TN.; deceased 11 Jan 1902 in Burnet Co. TX, daughter of William and Hannah (Oliphant) Barton.

Notes for John Lewis and Elizabeth Barton King:
About 1839, several connected members of the Jefferson Co TN families Barton, King, Oliphant, and Chamberlain migrated to MO. There John L. married Elizabeth Barton. It is assumed that they knew each other in Jefferson Co, as the estate settlement of
Johns father took place in the home of Elizabeths aunt and uncle when she was only 7 yrs old. John was abt 19 at the time.

The Kings then travelled to Texas about 1849 in the company of Elizabeth's sister, Sarah Runnels Barton and her husband,James T. Chamberlain,and Elizabeth's mother,Hannah Oliphant Barton and the son of Polly Ann Barton and George McFarland, William, who was being raised by Hannah. The group first settled in Karnes Co. and then spent some time in Travis Co. before settling in Burnet Co. TX about 1851.

The families are found on the 1850 Census for Travis Co. TX.
(From Tennesseans in Texas 1986 by Helen and Timothy Marsh)

John L. King 40 M Farmer TN
Elizabeth 29 F TN
James 8 M MO
William T. 6 M MO
Sarah A. 4 F MO
Susan 2 F MO
James Chamberland 41 M Farmer TN
Sarah 26 F TN
Jeremiah 7 M MO
John 4 M MO
Thomas 2 M MO
Hannah Barton 66 F TN
William McFarlin 10 M MO

From the Burnet (TX)Bulletin
16 Jan 1902:


"Last Saturday morning Aunt Betsy King died very
suddenly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. B.
Johnson on Council Creek. She was very old, and
while her death at this time was unexpected, it
could not have been a great surprise. Her body was
interred in the Oatmeal Cemetery, her nephew,
Rev. L.S. Chamberlain, conducting the service.
She leaves a number of children and one sister
to mourn her death. An obituary will be given later."

note:the actual obituary no longer exists.

Letter written by John Lewis King - transcribed as written by Linda MacCormack:

November 4th 1850 State of Texas Karens Co
Dear friends,
I have again undertaken a few lines to let you all know that we are all well at this time. I will state something about the health of our country.
This part of our country is healthly and crops is good corn is worth 75ct per bushel flower is worth $15 per barrel beef 3 and 4 dollars per I will say something about the indians. They have infested our settlement stolen horses and held some few they have come in a few miles of this place they rove about in small companies stealing and killing where opportunity offers. some 3 weeks ago 3 companies of our troops (can't make out a word here) the rio grande river and the indians attacked them there was about 700 and fifty indians and they had a battle and killed about 80 of the indians and wounded about 100 the indians had declared war. Our country is settling very fast with polanders and german dutch we have in this place about 5 languages the polanders dutch spanish french and english. I would like to see old Tennessee again and all the acquaintances and friends and Chamberlain, another brother-in-law of George McFarland, owns a track of land on santonia river joining the town tract. We are divided into three classes the macanie stock raiser and farmer the stock raiser verry seldon raise a ear of corn...nothing more at present but remains your friend till death. John L. King

Letter written by Elizabeth Barton King - transcribed as written by Linda MacCormack.
( written to George McFarland, the husband of Elizabeth's sister, Polly Ann Barton, who died in 1841 MO. George returned to TN, leaving his youngest son,William, with Elizabeth's mother, Hannah Barton.)

Texas Travis County Oct the 12 1851
Dear brother,
After a long silence I once more take my pen in hand to let you know we ar giting a lone. we ar well and hope when these lines comes to hand will find you and family enjoying the same like blessings.
I received your leater the 23 of Augest which give me great pleasure to hear from you. all I had must com to the conclusion that you had forgot us. when I received your leater I thought that I would hay wroat that weak but through neglict did not.
Mr. King started to missouria the twenty fifth of augest . I haven't heard from him since he left read river which is about three hundred miles. he was well and giting alone very well. James Stirling was with him they hay gon back to receive their mites for their land.
their has binn a good deal of sickness hear this sommer but on won died tha you knowed. my self and two of our children has bin sick. I was confined to bead abut foor weaks. the children had the chills three months. they don't hay the chills near as much as in Missouria. this country is pleasanter climat than missouria but I had rather liv their than hear.
we can't raise anything their that we wanted to eat. hear is no place for gardening. the corn grows very well, wheat does tolerabel well. there is not meany that sows it-- is a great place for cotin. William McFarland can pick his hundred pounds a day and our oldest picks his eighty a day. they don't giv as much this year for picking as they did last year. the price is foar bits this year. they are picking for Chamberlain.
we haven't bought no land yet. we raised no crop this year. Mr King worked at his trade. he thought he could make more if he worked in the shop than to higher his corn geathered. it has to be geathered so soon the geanerly greater in augest. hands has from ten to twenty dollars a month. Mr conaway talks of moving back to Areansaw this winter. he is not contented no whar. onley at a grog shot-- he loves his dram yet.
Chamberlain and Sarah as gon their to day on a visit. Sarah has three sons and won daughter. John has too daughters and won son. we have too sons and too daughters William McFarland says he will com out too see you in five or six years moore. he has bin at his uncle johns and says they wer all well when he left. I havent seen John in twelve months.
the Baptust held their sociation in a mile of us. it continued too weakes. their was several professions maid. time of the Meathodist camp meating, their was forty or fifty maid a profesion of religion. won of Conaway profesion.
pork is worth six sents per pund, beaf is worth from too and a halfe too thre sents per pound, corn is worth won dolar per bushel, wheat is worth from won too two dollars per bushel.
Sarah send her love too you and famly. tell Hariet and John Tate that William has got to reading and when he gits to writing he will wright to them and tell them to wright to him. his grandmother thinks more of Will than won of her own children. at least she makes more of him than she evear did of won of hern. she is at Johns at this time. she would like to se you and famley she told me to giv her love to you and famly.
George, wright as soon as you receive this and tell rebecca that she had beater come to texas for the woman has nothing to do but to tick and lice the children and pick read heads out of the meal and mind the screw flies of ov the children when they ar asleep. you must not think strang of mi bad wrighting for I had to mend my penn with a case knife. when you wright direct your leater to weber perarie. I don't know wher we will live next somer. I reckon you had heard of your brothers death and his sons death. your brother lived four days after he was taken sick; John lived for weakes after he was tanken.
I must come to a close for the son is nearly down. give mi love to your mother, rebecca, hariet, John Tate, and except (can't make out) I havent anyuthang moore that is worth yur attention. if you will pay us a visit we would be glad so no more but remains yur sister till death
Elizabeth King

Both John and Elizabeth are buried in the Oatmeal Cemetery in Burnet Co Tx.

Children of John Lewis2 King and Elizabeth Barton were as follows:

5 James Carmichael3

William Thomas3 , born 23 Mar 1844 in Johnson Co. MO.; deceased 15 Jan 1919 in Burnet Co. TX. William Thomas is buried next to his parents in Oatmeal Cemetery in Burnet Co.

6 Sarah Ann3
7 Susannah Catherine3

Mary Elizabeth3 , born 25 Dec 1848; died 02 Sept 1941 in Burnet Co TX. She married 29 Dec 1869 in Burnet TX, Thomas Winchester GIBBS.  * write me for more info on this family.

John Barton3 , born 24 Feb 1854. Died young.
8 Robert Pleasant3
9 Hannah Margaret3

3. Robert Lewis2 KING (Peter1), born 1810 in Jefferson Co. TN; deceased bef 20 Mar 1854 in Johnson Co. MO. He married 19 May 1830 in Jefferson Co TN, Margaret HAYNES, b. 1811 TN; d. 1850 Johnson Co MO.

Robert died intestate in Johnson Co MO. Russell L. King appointed
Administrator on 20 Mar 1854. Ambrose King, Sec, along with John Graham.
Heirs were Susan Marr, Elizabeth, Unity Jane, Louisa Ann, William W., Emily, Francis and Russel King, all in Johnson County, and Edmund King in California.
Johnson Co MO Wills and Administrations 1835-1855, pg 266.

Children of Robert Lewis2 King and Margaret Haynes were as follows:

Susan A.3 , born 29 Oct 1831 Jefferson Co TN; deceased 08 Oct 1925 Eureka, Humboldt Co CA. She married (1) on 23 Dec 1847 in Johnson Co. MO, John MARR. She married (2) on 14 Sep 1854 in Johnson Co. MO, James E. STILL. One known child with John Marr was Amelia, b. 1849. Children with James Still were: James Hurndon, Roberta, Louisa, and Corrina, who died at age 14 of pneumonia.

Elizabeth, born abt 1833

Edmund Peter3 born 11 Mar 1837 Jefferson Co TN;
d. 29 January, 1923 Eureka, Humboldt Co CA.

Unity Jane , born 1839 Jefferson Co TN. She
married on 29 May 1856 in Johnson Co MO, William B.
MCFARLAND, b. 1831 TN, son of ____ and Rachel
(possibly Meridith?) McFarland.

Children of Unity and William were as follows:
George Washington, b. abt 1857 MO, William Thomas, b. abt 1859 MO, and
Robert Lee, b. 20 Feb 1863 MO, d. unknown in Kelso, Washington.
Robert Lee married (1) Carrie ____. He married 12 Sept 1904 in Johnson Co MO(2) Josephine Susan REED and had the following children: Delmer, Erma Helen, and Walter,
b. 1905 in Johnson Co MO. Walter married 29 May 1930 in Kelso, Washington, Eleanor Marguerite JOHNSON.

William White, born 01 Mar 1841, Johnson Co MO; Died 29 Mar 1917, Eureka, Humboldt Co CA.

Louisa Ann , born abt 1843 Johnson Co MO.

Martha Emma3 , born 12 Nov 1846 Johnson Co MO; died
13 Nov 1932, Johnson Co MO. She married Richard H. Lee CRUMBAUGH.

Sarah Frances3 , born abt 1849 in Johnson Co.
MO; died 1923. She married ___ Cleland.

John Russell3 born 20 January, 1852 Johnson Co. MO; died
12 Sept 1948 Oakland, Alameda Co CA. He married 23 Apr 1876 in Humboldt Co CA, Tabitha A. MEANS, b. 1858 IA; d. 22 Sept 1877 Humboldt Co CA. He married 29 October, 1879 in Humboldt Co CA (2) Sarah Catherine ANTRIM,born 1854 IN, d. 14 Dec 1893 Humboldt Co CA.

Child of John Russell and Tabitha was:

William Raymond King, b. 13 Mar 1877 Humboldt Co CA; d. 14 June 1917 San Pedro,Los Angeles Co CA, of measles. He married Abt 1905 in CA Vina Eleanora WHITCOMB
and had 2 children:
1.Floyd Raymond, born 17 Aug 1906; d. 23 Feb 1977 Santa Cruz, CA.
2.Weltha Mae, born 01 May 1908 Eureka, Humboldt Co CA; d. 16 Feb 1996 San Leandro, Alameda Co CA.
Weltha Mae married 16 Feb 1925 in Los Angeles, CA, (1) Peter Alfred DAHL and had a son,Floyd Alfred Dahl, b. 21 July 1928 San Francisco CA. Floyd married (1) Mary Lou
ROCKWELL. He married (2) Ann GOODALL.
Weltha Mae married (2) ____ ROBINSON and had two children, Lauren Carlton Robinson and George Norman Robinson.

Children of John Russell and Sarah were
1. Jesse M, b. 05 Nov 1880 Cape Mendocino, CA;
d. 14 Feb, 1946 San Francisco CA.;
2. Amelia L., b. 01 Mar 1884 Humboldt Co CA.
Amelia married ___ McCONAUGHEY.

Thanks to Sharon Wilson and Joann Wade for the information on Roberts line.

1850 Census Johnson Co MO, Post Oak Twshp, pg 047a, continued on pg 048:
Robert L. KING, 40, M , Farmer b. TN
Margaret , 39 F, b. TN
Elizabeth, 17, F, b. TN
Edmund, 15, M, b. TN
Unity J., 11, F, b. TN
William, 9, M, b. MO
Louisa, 7, F, b. MO
Martha, 3, F, b. MO
Sarah, 1, F, b. MO
John MARR, 22, M, b. MO
Susan, 18, F, b. TN
Amelia A., 1, F, b. MO

4. Ambrose Lewis2 KING (Peter1), born 5 Apr 1815 in Jefferson Co. TN; deceased 21 Oct 1888 in Johnson Co. MO. He married (1)on 6 Oct 1840 in Johnson Co. MO Hannah MAGEE/MCGEE, born 11 Feb 1819; deceased 6 Sep 1846 in Johnson Co. MO. He married (2) on 31 Mar 1850 in Johnson Co. MO, Marilla OLIPHANT, born 19 Jul 1826 in Knox County TN.; deceased 1 Aug 1912 in Johnson Co. MO, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Morrow) Oliphant.

Notes for Ambrose Lewis King

1850 Census, Johnson Co MO, pg 047A, living next door to Robert L. King.
Ambrose, 34, b. TN
Marilla, 23, b. TN
William, 7, b. MO
John, 5, b. MO
Nancy, 3, b. MO.

1860 Census, Johnson County, MO; Madison Township; Reel # M653-626; page 1007B. Enumerated on 3rd day of September 1860. Data taken from homepage for Johnson County, MO:

King, Ambrose L 46 M Farmer TN 2500 700
Marilla 36 F TN
William C 18 M MO
John B 16 M MO
Nancy J 13 F MO

Notes for Hannah Magee/McGee
The only info I have on Hannah is she died at the age of 27.

Notes for Marilla Oliphant
Marilla was a daughter of Thomas Oliphant and Hannah Morrow and a first cousin of Elizabeth Barton, who married Ambrose's brother, John.

Children of Ambrose Lewis2 King and Hannah McGee were as follows:

i John B.L.3
Nancy E.B.3
William C.3 , born 14 May 1842; deceased
Oct 1906.

Children of Ambrose Lewis2 King and Marilla Oliphant
were as follows:

i Horace W.3
James B.3
Susie Denettie3

See OLIPHANT page for more information on this line.

Generation 3

5. James Carmichael3 KING (John Lewis2, Peter1), born 15 Jun 1842 in Johnson Co. MO.; deceased 4 Dec 1920 in Burnet Co. TX. He married on 11 Feb 1874 in LA., Susan Matilda MILES, born 16 Jul 1850 in W. Feliciana Parish,LA; deceased 1 Apr 1918 in Burnet Co. TX, daughter of Benjamin F. and Delilah (Bundick) Miles.

Notes for James Carmichael King
James served in the Civil war with Co. I, 2nd Texas Calvary Green's Texas Brigade ,under Col. Ford and later under C.L. Pyron. He enlisted June 16,1861 and was honorably discharged May 19, 1865.
After the War, he lived for a time in Louisiana,where he married Susie Miles.

Children of James Carmichael3 King and Susan Matilda Miles were as follows:

i Eva4 , born 6 Jul 1876 in West Feliciana Parish, LA;
deceased 6 Nov 1952 in Burnet Co TX.
Watkins4 , born 4 Feb 1878 in Burnet Co. TX;
deceased Nov 1933 in AZ..
Tecumseh4 "Nick" , born 13 Dec 1879 in Burnet Co.
TX; deceased Aug 1945 in NM.

Ben L.4 , born 20 Mar 1880 in Burnet Co.
TX; deceased 8 Jan 1949 Karnes Co TX. Ben was County
Attorney for Burnet Co. for many years.

Delilah4 "Lila" , born 25 Jul 1883 in Burnet Co. TX.
10 Lillie Rose4
Clarabel4 , born 4 Jul 1888 in Burnet Co. TX;
deceased 26 Oct 1952 in Burnet Co. TX.
Grace4 , born 6 Nov 1890 in Burnet Co. TX.

6. Sarah Ann3 KING (John Lewis2, Peter1), born 27 Jan 1846 in Johnson Co. MO.; deceased 29 Sep 1913 in Coleman Co. TX. She married on 8 Oct 1864 in Burnet Co. TX, Samuel Hardesty CAMPBELL, born in KY.

Children of Sarah Ann3 King and Samuel Hardesty Campbell were as follows:

i Henry4 , born 12 Feb 1867 in Burnet Co. TX;
deceased aft. 1960.

7. Susannah Catherine3 KING (John Lewis2, Peter1), born 6 Jul 1847 in Johnson Co. MO.; deceased 26 Mar 1925 in Burnet Co. TX. She married Walter JOHNSTON.

Children of Susannah Catherine3 King and Walter Johnston were as follows:

i Thomas Benjamin4

8. Robert Pleasant3 KING (John Lewis2, Peter1), born 20 Nov 1856 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased 30 Nov 1946 in San Diego Co. CA. He married on 28 Dec 1892 in Burnet Co. TX, Grace Anna YETT, born 7 May 1870 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased 27 Mar 1947 in San Diego Co. CA, daughter of Alexander and Ann (Biddle) Yett.

Children of Robert Pleasant3 King and Grace Anna Yett were as follows:

i Thomas Mason Yett4 , born 7 Jan 1889 in
Burnet Co. TX.
Oscie Anna4 , born 2 Oct 1893 in Burnet Co.

9. Hannah Margaret3 Maggie KING (John Lewis2, Peter1), born 17 Apr 1860 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased 26 Mar 1926 in Santa Anna,TX. She married in 1879 in Burnet Co. TX, Samuel GLASSCOCK, born 17 Apr 1858 in Bastrop Co. TX; deceased 11 Apr 1939 in Knox Co. TX.

Children of Hannah Margaret3 King and Samuel Glasscock were as follows:

i Vida Pearl4
William Barton4
Henry Epperson4
James Hardesty4
Annie Katherine4
Cassie Ada4
John Lucian4
Moda Alene4
Elizabeth Eliza4
Joseph Allen4
11 Louis Abner4

Generation 4

10. Lillie Rose4 KING (James Carmichael3, John Lewis2, Peter1), born 4 Jan 1886 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased June 1958 in Lampasas Co. TX. She married on 15 Nov 1903 in Burnet Co. TX, Robert Walter REED, born 29 May 1884 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased 12 Nov 1960 in Lampasas Co. TX, son of Samuel Newton and Mary Catherine (Conner) Reed.

Children of Lillie Rose4 King and Robert Walter Reed were as follows:

i James C.5
Sue Lee5
Robert Miles5
Lola Mae5 , born 10 Sep 1904 in Burnet Co.
TX; deceased 20 Sep 1972 in Burnet Co. TX. She married on 27
Nov 1921 in Burnet Co. TX, Samuel Lynn BAKER.

12 King Samuel5
13 Martin Luther5

11. Louis Abner4 GLASSCOCK (Hannah Margaret3 King, John Lewis2, Peter1), born 12 Dec 1882 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased 28 Oct 1970 in Earth,TX. He married Mattie Mae BATES, born 29 Jan 1889 in Bell Co. TX; deceased 10 Nov 1979 in Muleshoe,TX, the daughter of Joseph L. and Ida Laura (Collier) Bates.

Children of Louis Abner4 Glasscock and Mattie Mae Bates were as follows:

i Annie Laverne5
Gladys Evelyn5
Bonnie Hazel5
Byron Bazel5
Weldon Ray5
Jessie Lee5
Charles Bernard5
Lynn Alton5
James Russell5 , born 23 Jun 1921 in
Truscott,Knox Co. TX; deceased 22 Aug 1978 in Morton,TX.
He married Alice Lenora BELL.

Generation 5

12. King Samuel5 REED (Lillie Rose4 King, James Carmichael3, John Lewis2, Peter1), born 26 Sep 1908 in Burnet Co. TX; deceased Jan 1986 in Liberty Hill, Williamson Co. TX. He married in Burnet Co. TX, Laura Verna COX, born 19 Jun 1914 in Burnet Co. TX, daughter of Aulcy William Arnold and Elma Della (Keeler) Cox.