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Other Photos
Keeler Cousins - Genealogy and Photo Album

Miscellaneous Photos

A Fox Family Photo
Mattie Fox and children

On the back of this photo -see at right- the names appear to be:
_____iel? Fox
Mattie  Fox - this name is the clearest
Adam? Fox - or could be Alan
_____  Fox
Beneath the names is what could be a sentence, but the writing is too faded to read it. The first word may say "___zanne" ?
About 3/4" below that is a word that appears to be "give" but again, this is very faded.  
I have not found a Mattie ____ that married a Fox, yet. The real name might be Matilda or Martha.

James Caswell Keeler w/wife Eliza McFarlin & 3 granddaughters

Teresa's great-grandfather, Jim Keeler was the son of John Adam Keeler and Mary Ann Matilda Baker. He married Eliza Cassander McFarlin, dau of John Green McFarlin and Nancy Frances Jones.
The little girl standing in front of Eliza is Mina Frances Cox, daughter of Elma Della Keeler and Aulcy Cox. The other two children were named Lottie Lee and Ada Belle, but I do not know who their parents were yet. Judging from Frances's age, this photo was probably taken about 1927/28, in Liberty Hill, TX.

Eliza Cassander McFarlin, wife of James C. Keeler
Liberty Hill, Texas 1953

Back of Fox Family Photo

Newt Keeler and Family

Keeler Wives
Taken in Denton, Texas

Left to right: Willie Mae Jarnigan, wife of Newt Keeler, their son Marvin Keeler, and Margaret Jane Dockery, 2nd wife of Wilburn Alonzo Keeler. Photo is from the collection of Bill Dockery, a descendant of M.J.'s brother George Rufus Dockery, and was sent to me by Dockery researcher Beulah "Sunny" Karr. The back of the photo is a postcard, that says
 "M.J. Keeler
Willie Keeler
 Marvin Keeler
Denton TX"
with the note "Don't get seared at us, Lissie." Lissie was Elizabeth,wife of George Rufus Dockery. I assume the word 'seared' is used
here to mean mad or aggravated.

George Mitchell "Mitch" Keeler

Paulette's grandfather, George M. , known as "Mitch". He was the son of W.A. Keeler and Nancy C. Fox.

Keeler Cousins - Genealogy and Photo Album