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Hill Ancestors
Keeler Cousins - Genealogy and Photo Album

Descendants of William and Mary Hill

Research is ongoing to gather as much information as possible on the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Hill. Will add more data to this page soon. Additional information on the descendants of Mary Hill & James Baker will be included on the BAKER page. Also see the KEELER pages.

     1. William HILL, b. ? ; d. 1748 Augusta or (Old) Frederick Co VA; He married Mary ______.

Augusta Co VA Will Book 1 :

Page 132.--27th January, 1748. William Hill's will--Weaver; children, Sarah, James, Mary, John, Joseph, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth; wife, Mary.
Executors, wife Mary and Thomas Moore. Teste: Wm. Carroll, Isaac Johnson, Jno. Dobikin. Proved, 17th May, 1749, by Jno. Dobikin and Isaac Johnson. Both executors granted administration.

Page 169.--9th August, 1749. William Hill's appraisement by Wm. White, John Daubekins, Reuben Allen.

(Source: Chronicles of the the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol 3, Pg 10-11; Lymon Chalkley,Baltimore, MD 1912 ).

Notes: In 1749, Mary Hill was granted 400 acres on Holeman's Creek in Frederick Co VA, this land was adj to that of Thomas Holeman/Holman and Joseph Sively.  Other neighbors along Holeman's Creek included the LEATH and DOBIKINS/DOBKINS families. In 1751, she was granted 217 acres; this land was owned by Joseph Sively by 1760. Mary's son James Hill was granted 300 ac. on "Benjamin Allen's Mill Creek" (warrant dated 13 May 1749, surveyed 23 June 1749). This land was deeded to John Hill "my next eldest son" at the request of Mary Hill in 1760 as James Hill was deceased. John Hill sold this land to Adam FUCHS/FOX Sr on Feb 28, 1763 for 5 shillings, recorded 01 Mar 1763 Frederick Co.


                               Generation 2

       2.  JOSEPH HILL, b. 1735, possibly Augusta Co VA; d. 01 Feb 1807 Jefferson Co TN. The name of his wife ( or wives) is unknown.

"Joseph Hill, Sr., migrated from Hampshire Co., VA (now WV) to Jefferson County about 1786. This date is approximated from the fact that in the 1850 Census of Jefferson County, his daughter Sarah Thornton was listed as having been born in Virginia and his daughter Hannah Taff was listed as having been born in Tennessee. Sarah was born about 1785 and Hannah was born in 1787.
Son William Hill made an affidavit relative to the Revolutionary pension of George Taff and said that he had known Taff in Hampshire County and that he remembered Taff serving in the War.

Records in Hampshire County show other early Jefferson County names like Taff, Kidner (Ketner), and Lewis living near Joseph Hill. In the first volume of Holston Methodism by R. N. Price, it is stated that there was a migration of settlers from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Greene Co., NC in 1786 and the Lewis family is listed as part of that migration. Judging from the birthdates of the Hill daughters and the fact that they were neighbors in Hampshire County, as well as the fact that both were affiliated with the Pine Chapel Church in Jefferson County, it could be logical to assume that the Hills were a part of the 1786 migration.

At present there is no record of the name of Joseph Hill, Sr.'s wife. It is thought that she lived to an older age as she is mentioned in the obituary of her daughter-in-law, Margaret (Cowan) Hill, published in Correspondance Instructor, Knoxville, Nov 1826. Possibly, her maiden name could have been Warden, since the Wardens and the Taffs were also Hampshire County neighbors and also a granddaughter was named Abigail Warden Hill.

Joseph Hill, Sr., died 01 Feb 1807, at the age of seventy-two. These dates are found in T.V.A. records for the removal of his remains from Hills Chapel Cemetery in 1942 when Douglas Lake was built. The remains were transferred to the Hills Union Cemetery, block E, Lot 5, Grave 376. A new marker was erected in recent years.

Joseph Hill's estate was not settled until January 1823 and is recorded in Jefferson County Will Book 2, pp. 402-403. The fact that his estate was not settled until nearly sixteen years after his death might indicate that his  widow did not die until shortly prior to that date."
(Jefferson County Tennessee Families and History 1792-1996, pg 112. Jefferson County Historical Society)

Children of Joseph Hill were as follows:

     3         i. Mary HILL, b. abt 1765 Hampshire Co VA, d. abt 1845 Sevier Co TN. She married 28 Sept 1785 Augusta Co VA, James BAKER, b 1759 VA; d. 1839 Sevier Co TN.

       ii. William HILL, b. abt 1768 Hampshire Co VA; d. aft 1840 Jefferson Co TN

4     iii. John HILL, b. 01 Oct 1770 Hampshire Co VA; d. 16 Oct 1831 AL. He married 1806 Jefferson Co TN, Margaret "Peggy" DOBKINS/DOBBINS, believed to be the dau of Reuben Dobkins and Elizabeth Holeman. (NOTE: Reuben Dobkins was the son of John "Dobikin" who witnessed the will of William Hill, 1748 Augusta Co VA).

             iv. Martha HILL, b. abt 1772 Hampshire Co VA.

   5       v. Elizabeth HILL, b. abt 1774, Hampshire Co VA; She married in Jefferson Co TN 04 Jan 1794, Aaron SLOVER.

   6       vi. Joseph HILL, Jr, b. 23 Jul 1778 Hampshire Co VA; d. 1854 Jefferson Co TN; He married on 12 Mar 1807, Jefferson Co TN, Susannah MCMEANS.

  7       vii. James HILL, b. abt 1783 Hampshire Co VA; he married (1) 26 Nov 1811 Margaret COWAN; He married (2) 06 Nov 1827 Elizabeth BLACK.

  8     viii. Sarah HILL, b. abt 1785 VA; d. after 1870 Jefferson Co TN; she married (1) 07 Jul 1801 in Jefferson Co TN to Thomas DAVIS, who died 1814; She married (2) abt 1816 in Jefferson Co TN, Barnabas THORNTON.

  9       ix. Hannah Hill, b. 19 Jul 1787 Jefferson Co TN; d. 12 Sep 1851. She married 16 Jul 1817 James TAFF, son of George W. Taff and Sarah WILEY.