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The Collier Family of Surry Co VA
Loose Ends

On this page I will be posting some information on Colliers that should be part of this family, but I can't quite find the connection. I'm hoping visitors to this page will be able to help.
Loose End #1 :
Which John Collier married Emelia Cooper ?
Emelia Cooper (sometimes spelled Amelia)
 was the daughter of George Cooper and Mary Ellis. She is
named in George's will as Emelia Collier (BK 11,pg 229, probated 22 Mar 1782)
George was the son of William Cooper; Mary Ellis was the daughter of Caleb Ellis I and Amelia Shockey.
 Amelia was a daughter of Richard Shockey, who lived with John Rawlings when he was a minor and is a tithable in the  Rawlings household  1689-92. John Rawlings
was the stepfather of Joseph Collier and John Collier JR,
 sons of Mary Sowerby Rawlings by her first husband
 John Collier SR. Richard Shockey married Alice _____.
 Richard bought land from John Collier JR in
1693 : Surry Co. Deeds & Wills 1687-1694, pg 352:
Deed from John Collier to Richard Shokkee,
 recorded 6 Mar 1693, 100 acres, part of 450
acres granted to William Carpenter Apr. 1686
 and sold by Carpenter to said John Collier Sep. 1692.

Therefore, Emelia Cooper Collier was the granddaughter
 of Richard Shockey,who had close ties to the early Collier family.
 I do not have an exact birthdate on Emelia, but her husband
 John was deceased by Sept 17, 1796, and two of her five children  by him were already of age. (Surry Co O.B. 1796-1800, pg 113: dated 27 Sept 1796,
Emelia Collier appointed guardian of " Lucy, John and George C. Collier, orphans of John Collier,dec'd."
Emelia's will, probated 22 Jan 1816
includes her five children by John Collier: Benjamin, Lucy, John, George C, and Amelia Rae.
I am guessing her marriage to John Collier to have taken place sometime in the 1770s, and her  birthdate probably abt 1750-55. Her husband John was probably also born about the same time.
 Who, then, was this John Collier ? Considering her grandfather's connections to the Collier family, I believe he was probably a g-grandson of John Collier Sr, who died 1676 and his wife Mary Sowerby. But there are many blanks in my information on the lines down from John Sr's sons, and I have no ideas at this time who this John's parents could have been.
 Can anybody help ?

The James Collier mentioned in the following deed has me puzzled, as I cannot connect him to parents, yet he seems to be related to my line in some way. The Thomas Collier mentioned was the son of Joseph Collier and Jean HALSO. He had no son named James according to his will, probated in 1807 Northampton Co NC. The line of Thomas's brother Joseph and wife Sarah ___ also had no James.

From The Deeds of Northampton County,
North Carolina 1759-1774
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
North Carolina State Library, Raleigh, NC :

167-(196) JAMES COLLIER & his wife SARAH (x) of Northampton Co. to THOMAS HOOD of same. 30 Sep 1777. 35 pounds. 50 acres which was part of a grant to JOHN MALDESBY in 174_, joining WILLIAMS, THOMAS COLLIER, Long Branch. Wit: HENRY MECHAM, BURRELL LACY (?), EPHRIM (x) HOOD. Dec. Ct 1777. Jeph. Atherton CC

Note: James Collier had acquired this land in 1769 from Thomas WILLIAMS and his wife Wile (Wilmoth). In 1782, the land was sold by Thomas Hood to Jesse Collier, son of the above Thomas Collier.

If anyone knows who the parents were of this James Collier, I would appreciate the help.