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The Collier Family of Surry Co VA
Generation 4

Generation 4

6. Sarah4 COLLIER, (Thomas3, John2, Thomas1), b. abt 1695 Surry Co VA; d. 1766 Surry Co VA. She married William MARRIOTT, son of Matthias Marriot and Alyce WARREN.

Children of Sarah4 Collier and William Marriott were as follows:
i Mary5
William Jr5
14 Thomas5

7. John4 COLLIER (Thomas3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1690 in Surry Co. VA; deceased 1716 in Surry Co. VA. He married abt. 1713 in Surry Co. VA, Jane THOMAS, born abt. 1690; deceased 1741, daughter of William Thomas and Elizabeth BRAMLEY.

Notes for John Collier
COLLIER, John: Est. - 18 July, 1716. By Jane Collier, in 1718. Signed:
Jane Lather and John Lather, admrs. Wit: Thomas Flood, Michael Harris,
Nicholas Maggett. Book 7, p. 22.

Notes for Jane Thomas
Jane remarried in July 1716 to John Lather. She filed an inventory of John Collier's estate on July 4, 1716 as Jane Collier, then on July 18, a return of accounts was filed on the estate by John and Jane Lather. (this name also found as LOTHER)

Children of John4 Collier and Jane Thomas were as follows:
i John5 , born abt. 1714 in Surry Co. VA; deceased abt 1767 Surry Co VA. He married in Surry Co. VA, Lucy MOORING. ( see note at #15 Thomas Collier)

15 Thomas5

8. Mary4 COLLIER (John Jr3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1697 in Surry Co. VA; She married Moses JOHNSON, born abt. 1697 in Surry Co. VA; deceased abt. 1761 in Sussex Co. VA.
Children of Mary4 Collier and Moses Johnson were as follows:

i Lewis 5 , deceased abt. 1786 in Sussex Co.
VA. He married (1) abt. 1763 in Sussex Co. VA Elizabeth
MOORE, deceased 4 Feb 1767, daughter of Thomas Moore, SR
and Mary UNKNOWN. He married (2) on 3 Dec 1768 in
Sussex Co. VA Mary HERON, deceased 17 Apr 1771 in Sussex
Co. VA. He married (3) on 16 Sep 1772 in Sussex Co. VA, Lucy EZELL. Lewis Johnson's will recorded 16 Mar 1786 in Sussex Co. VA.

Elizabeth5, She married Cornelius LOFTIN.
Moses,5 Jr

9. William4 COLLIER (John Jr3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1699 in Surry Co. VA; deceased Nov 1759 in Brunswick Co. VA . He probably married abt. 1730 in Surry Co. VA, Sarah BRIGGS, born abt. 1705 in Surry Co. VA; deceased bef. 1759 in Brunswick Co. VA, daughter of Samuel Briggs.

Notes for William Collier
The will of William Collier, dated 13 Nov 1759, proved 26 Nov 1759, named son-in-law David Lucas and wife Elizabeth;son Howell Collier;son Nathaniel Collier; son-in-law James Harrison and wife Sarah; sons Moses Collier, Frederick Collier, Drury Collier and William Collier (under age 18). Sons Howell, Nathaniel and Moses named executors. Witnesses Robert Lanier, Wm. Green and Mary Collier.

The Briggs family were neighbors to the Colliers in the Cypress Swamp area of Surry Co. Samuel Briggs' will named his daughter as Sarah Collier (written 26 Mar 1736, proven 21 Sep 1737, Bk 8, ppg 731-732).
The names of some of William's children were not characteristic of the Collier family, but were names that were distinctive to the Briggs families (i.e. Nathaniel, Howell,etc), plus one of William's daughters was named Sarah. William and Sarah were of a similar age. Therefore, it is probable that William married Sarah Briggs.
The above conclusion is based on the research of Paul Arnot and when coupled with the will of Samuel Briggs, who named his daughter as "Sarah Collier", I believe it is probable. However, a researcher of this line has a different theory as to which Briggs daughter of which family William married and I have done no in-depth research of my own to look into it yet. If anyone would like more information on this, I will be glad to put you in touch with William's decendant.

William owned land in the Three Creeks area of Surry Co.; said land became part of Brunswick Co when it was formed in 1732, this same land became part of Greensville Co in 1781. His brother,Thomas, and uncle,Charles Lucas also owned patents in this area.

A wife is not named in William's will.

Children of William4 Collier and Sarah? Briggs were as follows:
i Elizabeth5 , born abt. 1731 in Surry Co. VA; She married abt. 1758 in Brunswick Co. VA ,David LUCAS.
Howell5 He married (1) abt 1751 Elizabeth PENNINGTON, possibly died abt 1776 in Mecklenburg Co VA, dau of William and Mary Pennington. He married (2) in Mecklenburg Co VA, Hannah UNKNOWN.


William5, There are online genealogies that say this William married Mary GILBERT, and others that claim he is the William Collier who married (1)Patty THWEAT and (2) Mary GEE. This is also the info in Paul Arnot's book. If there is a descendant of this William out there who can help clear this up, please contact me. I have not been able to verify the information either way.

10. Thomas4 COLLIER (John Jr3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1700 in Surry Co. VA; deceased 1760 in Brunswick Co. VA. He married abt. 1723 in Surry Co. VA, Elizabeth REEKS, born abt. 1706 in Isle of Wight Co. VA; deceased aft. 1760 in Brunswick Co VA, daughter of Richard and Faith (Flood) Reeks.

Notes for Thomas Collier:
Will was probated 27 June 1760 Brunswick Co. VA.
I have a copy of this will; I will post an abstract or transcription at a later time.

Children of Thomas4 Collier and Elizabeth Reeks were as follows:

i Lucy5
Hannah5 , born abt. 1729 in Surry Co. VA;She married abt. 1748 in Surry Co. VA, George GRIMES.
Faith5 , born abt. 1731 in Surry Co. VA; She married abt. 1753 in Surry Co. VA, John MOORE.
Benjamin5 , born abt. 1733 in Surry Co. VA;deceased abt. 1785. He married abt. 1756 in Brunswick Co. VA, Martha CRYER.

John5 , born abt. 1736 in Surry Co. VA;deceased 2 Apr 1821 in Madison Co. KY. He married in 1767in Northampton Co. NC, Mildred "Milley" VAUGHN, born abt.1748 in Surry Co. VA; deceased aft. 1821 in Howard Co. MO,daughter of William and Sarah (UNKNOWN) Vaughn.

Thomas5 , born abt. 1738 in Surry Co. VA.
Martha5 , born abt. 1739 in Surry Co. VA.
William5 , born abt. 1743 in Surry Co. VA.

11. John4 COLLIER (Joseph3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1699 in VA; deceased abt. 1768 in Brunswick Co. VA . He married Sarah HORTON, born abt. 1708 in Surry Co. VA, daughter of Daniel and Martha (Timms) Horton.

NOTE: A descendant of this John Collier believes that Paul Arnot mistakenly included him in the Surry Co Colliers, and subsequently other researchers, including myself, have done the same. Leroy Collier, who wrote a book called "Some Collier Families - Descendants of John Collier and Sarah Horton" in 1991, sent me the following information:

Deed Book 8, pg. 775 dated 7 Dec. 1738 -John Collier of the Province of North Carolina, Bertie Precinct--
sold to Henry Berry--- 100 acres of land, part of a certain tract of land granted to his father--- willed by Joseph Collier to his son, John Collier--beginning at a pocosin -Caleb Ellis Line--- Signed--- John Collier

This definitely puts John, the son of Joseph Collier, in Bertie Precinct NC in 1738.(part of Bertie Prct was later Northampton Co NC.)The will of Joseph Collier left his son John 100 acres that was bounded by the "Caleb Ellis line". Now the question is, was he still there in 1741 ? More information from Leroy is that the John Collier who married Sarah Horton bought from William Gower and his wife,200 acres on the north side of Three Creeks Reedy Branch and the deed states this John was "of Prince George Co VA"(Deed Bk K,pg 122, Brunswick Co VA, Nov 30 1741) I should note here that even if he turns out not to have been the son of Joseph Collier and Jean Halso, he may still have been related. Brunswick Co was Prince George Co, Isle of Wight and Surry Co VA bef 1720, so this John may not have been that far away from the other Colliers to begin with. Prince George Co VA was formed from part of Charles City Co, and there is a known connection of Joseph's father John to an Edward Collier of Charles City Co, so the Colliers in those counties may well have been related. And there were other Colliers in the Surry Co family who owned land on Three Creeks and Reedy Branch, including 2 sons of Joseph's brother, John Collier Jr. For now I will leave the lineage of John Collier/Sarah Horton on this page until further research is done to track the John who was in Bertie Prct in 1738 and make sure he did not leave NC and move to Prince George Co VA before 1741. I may move the info on John/Sarah to a page of its own at a later date.
I have not found a John Collier who might have been Joseph's son in Northampton Co while researching my own line of Colliers who were there, but will check the other counties in the area. If anyone would like to contact Leroy Collier for more information, or to obtain a copy of his book on their descendants, I will gladly put you in touch.

Children of John4 Collier and Sarah Horton were as follows:
i Amos5
16 Jesse5
17 John5 COLLIER,JR.
18 Daniel5
19 Doctor Whitaker5

12. Joseph4 COLLIER (Joseph3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1700 in Surry Co. VA; deceased 1768 in Northampton Co. NC. He married abt. 1735 in Surry Co. VA, Sarah UNKNOWN.

Notes for Joseph Collier
Will # 110, recorded Northampton Co. NC Will Bk 1, pg 173
Joseph Collier, 2 Aug 1768 , proved March Court 1769.
Sons Joshua, Also, Moses, daughter Winney, wife Sarah.
Extrs; Moses and Sarah.
Wits: William ______, John Mitchell, William Robinson,Jr.

Children of Joseph4 Collier and Sarah UNKNOWN were as follows:
i Joshua5
Winifred "Winney"5
20 Also5

13. *Thomas4 COLLIER (Joseph3, John2, Thomas1), born abt. 1715/18 in Surry Co. VA; deceased abt. 1805 in Northampton Co. NC. He married Elizabeth UNKNOWN, born abt. 1720; deceased aft. 1784 in Northampton Co. NC.

Notes for Thomas Collier:
His wife Elizabeth may have been a MOSS, dau of William Moss,who died in Surry Co VA in 1732, but this is not proven.
From the book by Margaret M. Hofmann NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA
1759-1808 GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS OF WILLS copyright 1975
Will Book Two, 1792- 1808
Will 593 pg. 351 Thomas Collier 26 June 1797
December Court 1807
To my son WILLIAM COLLIER land and plantation whereon I now live.
To my daughter AGNES MASSEY 1 feather bed,etc.to my son JOSEPH COLLIER 1 large pot and hook. To the heirs of my daughter SILVEY ELLIS 5 shillings. All my estate not already given away to be equally divided
Extr : my son JOSEPH COLLIER
(probate indicates Extr. refused to qualify)

Thomas is found in the Tax Lists for Northampton Co. NC 1784-87 listed as 'over age 60', there is one female in the household, presumed to be his wife.

The children of Thomas4 Collier and Elizabeth (Moss?) were as follows:

i Agnes5 "Aggy", She married John MASSEY.
21 Jesse5
22 Joseph5
23 William5
24 Winifred5
Frederick5,born 26 Jan 1757 Brunswick Co VA;died before 1830 in Humphreys or Dickson Co TN. He married abt 1784 in Northampton Co NC,Frances MEACHAM, born 1768, probably VA; died after 1850 Dickson Co TN, a daughter of Henry Meacham JR and wife Ann. Francis was the sister of Nancy Meacham who married Frederick's brother Joseph, and of Mark Meacham who married his sister Winifred.

Sylvie5, She married unknown ELLIS.

Generation 5