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The Collier Family of Surry Co VA

The lineage posted on this site is based on information gathered from documents, books,census records,and family
files collected by several descendants of John Collier and Mary Sowerby of Surry County, Virginia. I cannot guarantee that all of it is 100% correct. I will be adding data periodically, as I have more information not yet entered into my data. I would like to hear from other descendants who would like to add to this data or who have documentation to correct any errors or fill in the
The photo at right is of me with my grandfather, Jack Collier,in 1956.

Teresa Reed Shands

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Jack and Me


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Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather: Barney Howard "Jack" Collier 1917-1987 who first sparked my interest in the family history.

A big thank you for all the help and
willingness to share research, books
and documents to the following.
I will not be posting email
addresses to this page that might
be picked up by spammers; if you would
like to correspond with any of these
researchers for more information on
their lines,please contact me
directly and I will put you in touch.

Karen Collier Halvorson: desc of William Collier and Martha "Patsy" Kimbrough, who helped me to sort out all the Colliers by the same name in the early generations.

Virginia White Keefer: desc of Mary Minerva Collier and Henry J. Warren. Excellent researcher of connected families in Giles Co TN Graves,Kimbrough,Yancey,Warren,and White as well as Collier.

June Collier Chambliss: desc of Jesse Collier, son of Thomas Collier and Elizabeth (Moss?).

Christel Collier: wife of Prentice Collier, a desc of John Collier and Sarah Horton.

Joe Bassham: desc of Thomas Collier and Frances Elizabeth Stoker.

Farris Glen Collier: desc of the above Thomas Collier and 1st wife Susanah Pinson thru their son Iverson Collier and his second wife Margaret Jane Peggy Johnson, who was the mother of my Bartlett Hinton Collier w/ her first husband Bartlett Yancey Collier. So Glen is a double cousin.

Mike Collier: desc of Joseph Collier and Nancy Meacham.

Geraldine Halpin: desc of Julia Francis Collier and Albert Gallatin Gatlin.

Lucile Tilton: desc of John Collier Jr and Mildred "Milly" Vaughn.

Carlisle Cook Jr: desc of Arthur Collier and Fereby Tomlinson, thru their daughter M. Elizabeth who married
Eli Stavely.

My 1st cousins, once removed:
Sherry Collier Card and Kyy Collier, daughters of Buster Collier and Mary Sue Bryant.
Judy Cagle Wright, daughter of Leone Collier and Leo Cagle.

My great- aunts: daughters of Bartlett Hinton Collier and Pervis Mae Newman:
La Delle Collier Kerley.
Isabelle Collier Hardison.
Leone Collier Greenwood.
And my great-uncle: Floydd G. Buster Collier.

Bettye Collier Smith: desc of John William Wesley Collier and Henrietta Keith.

Mignonette Warren Kelsoe: desc of Mary Ann Minerva Collier and Henry J. Warren.

Misty Marlow: desc of Julia Frances Collier and Albert Gallatin Gatlin.

Tommie Malone: desc of Winifred Collier and Mark Meacham.

David L. Thrasher: desc of John Collier and Sarah Horton.

Nadine Hartline: desc of William James Collier and Malaha Ann Maxwell.

Jo Chumley Collier: wife of K.C. Collier, desc of Littleberry Iverson Collier and Martha Jane Perkins.

Bill Collier: desc of Littleberry Iverson Collier and Martha Perkins.

Missy Wilson: desc of Julia Frances Collier and Albert G. Gatlin.

Joyce Gatlin: Gatlin researcher.

Ann Gold Mosley: descendant of Martha Ann Rebecca Collier and Nathan Gatlin.

Doris Collier: wife of Donald Collier, a descendant of John Collier and Sarah Horton.

Bobby Lamb: researcher of several Surry Co connected families including Collier,Flood,Jordan,Johnson,Gilliam and Webb.

Sandra McInroe McLure: desc of John Collier and Sarah Horton. Looking for information on Greenberry Collier.

Ray Isbell: desc of Hannah Collier Pitts, b. 1727 Surry Co VA, possibly the daughter of Benjamin Collier, son of John Collier JR and Grace/Hannah Lucas. Need help on this if anyone has more information on Benjamin.

Pamela Lavery: desc of John Massey (Jr?) and Nancy Hastings. It is believed, but not proven, that this
John was the son of John Massey and Agnes "Aggy" Collier,
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Moss?) Collier. If anyone
has more information on this, please let us know.

Sharon Padilla: desc of William Collier and Martha "Patsy" Kimbrough thru their son Wilburn who married Lucy Amanda

Pat Neilsen: desc of Thomas Collier and Susanah Pinson thru their daughter Mary Collier Williams.

Margaret Edwards: descendant of Green Collier and Nancy Trotter.

Victoria Thompson: desc of Green Collier and Nancy Trotter.

Buster Williamson: desc of Joseph Collier and Nancy Meacham.

Jan Brown: researcher of the Wilder family, who helped me gather information on James Yancey Collier who married Rebecca Wilder, and his siblings Nancy and Isabel "Ibby". J. Y. was the son of Joseph Collier and Isabel Yancey, and so was half-brother to Sarah Jane Yancey Kimbrough, wife of James Collier.

Doris Scott: though she is a Jones cousin, she is just a wonderful researcher who has helped me so much to learn how to do this and has sent me so much helpful material on Virginia and North Carolina.

And the books,writings and collections of:

Paul Arnot
Wynette Parks Haun
John Bennett Boddie
Lyndon H. Hart III
Leroy Collier
Jackie Leonard
William Lindsay Hopkins
Katherine Kerr Kendall
Margaret M. Hofman
Larry Keith
Limestone Co. Genealogical Society
Upshur Co. Historical Society
Harrison Co TX Historical Society
Giles Co.TN Old Records Dept.
Library of Virginia
Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT
North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC
Collier Collater Newsletter
Virginia Historical Society
Surry Co Historical Society & Museum
Genealogy.com/Genealogy Library
And all of those who donate their
time to do look-ups from the
WFT and Family Archives CDs
at http://www.seidata.com

For information on a specific
source not detailed in the report,
please contact me directly.

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